CBCMR Certification Eligibility Requirements - Alternate Board Pathway - available through 2023

This pathway is for physicians boarded in specialties other than Cardiology, Nuclear Medicine or Radiology, who have extensive experience in the field of cardiovascular magnetic resonance. This pathway is available through 2023.  ​

The applicant must document:

  • 5 years of CMR practice (at least 3 years completed within the 5 years preceding application).
  • 150 cases per year DIRECTLY performed and interpreted, with case logs and attestation (at least 50% cases cine morphology and delayed enhancement).

Documentation To Verify Alternate Board Pathway:

Please upload the completed CBCMR Clinical Experience Attestation – Cardiology/Radiology/Alternate Board​ template with your CBCMR application.

Please note: Case logs should not be submitted with the application but are subject to audit