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About the American Board of Vascular Medicine (ABVM) Certification

The American Board of Vascular Medicine (ABVM) Vascular Medicine Certification and the ABVM Endovascular Medicine Certification are now administered and managed by the Alliance for Physician Certification & Advancement™ (APCA™). This new partnership provides the opportunity for a strong and far-reaching impact on setting the global standards of patient care and recognizing expertise in the field of vascular medicine.

ABVM certifying examinations provide physicians with official certification in:

  1. A general examination to demonstrate proficiency in vascular medicine
  2. An endovascular specialty examination

2021 Assessments
The ABVM certification assessments to have their first administration under APCA in July 2021.

The ABVM examinations are now offered year-round. To find out the specific eligibility and prerequisite information visit the ABVM Vascular Medicine Examination page and the ABVM Endovascular Medicine Examination page.

Why Should Practitioners Become Certified?

The commitment to ABVM board certification is a serious and important one. It requires hard work, time, and effort. The recognition, however, carries with it significant, long-term value including the following benefits.

Practitioners that have already earned the ABVM certification report these important benefits to holding the certification:

  • Offers opportunity for career advancement by reenforcing professional stature and credibility.
  • Demonstrates the knowledge, skills, and commitment to provide quality patient care.
  • Enhances the collegial relationship with others who share a commitment to training, education, expertise, and long-term professional development.
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