The Importance of Ultrasound: Your Stories

The Alliance for Physician Certification & Advancement (APCA)  is dedicated to serving physicians and advanced care providers in their commitment to continual learning and providing high-quality patient care through certification. Below are sonography experiences shared by physicians who have earned APCA certifications. Thank you to all that have shared their stories. We appreciate knowing more and sharing how our Certificants are improving healthcare around the world.

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Dr. Balasingam on Gaddafi I.

The chief sonographer in our hospital Echo Lab, Gaddafi Ibrahim is a truly remarkable personality. He has the highest dedication and clinical skills set and holds no reservations, working after hours and on weekends in his efforts to obtain optimum quality echocardiography images in supporting patient care. He is also instrumental in the technical and innovative progress in the Echo Lab and offers unflagging support in research and academia development in the department. Gaddafi is truly a delight to work with, I wish him the best in his future career progress!

Dr. Ambardekar

When I was working in India, I did ultrasound on a 12-13 years old girl. She had huge hard pelvic mass extending up to the umbilicus, No menarche yet. She was diagnosed at a rural clinic as a bowel mass and was scheduled for surgery the next day. When I scanned her, I saw a bilaterally symmetrical mass arising from pelvis and extending up to the umbilicus. The mass was well defined and filled with multiple low-level internal echoes. I diagnosed it as uterus didelphys with hematometrocolpos. On examination, she had a complete transverse vaginal septum. The surgeon just did an excision of the septum and the thick, dark chocolate colored (altered) blood was drained.

I feel especially proud of this diagnosis, as it avoided an unnecessary surgery and possible accidental removal of her didelphys uterus.

Dr. Singh

There was a young lady 29 years old, who came into the ER with an acute onset of left-sided weakness and a headache. We sent for a CT scan of the brain to see a possible stroke. There was a fairly large ischaemic stroke on the scan and she has no risk factors like HTN, DM, obesity, etc. Then I thought I needed to look at the heart for a source of any embolism, although she had a regular pulse and no atrial fibrillation on ECG. So I did echocardiography and I saw she has LV non-compaction, then I understood how it all is related. Since my RDCS certification with APCA, I have diagnosed two similar cases of LV non-compaction, the other one presented as STEMI. It amazes me how this certification empowers me to enhance my diagnostic ability and be part of better patient care.



Why is Ultrasound Important?

Sonography provides valuable information for diagnosing and providing treatment for numerous diseases and conditions. Sonography often saves lives and is used to find and prevent conditions from worsening.

The Benefits of Certification

Physicians who attain APCA certifications can be confident that their skills have met the benchmark of quality. Certification is a recognized credential of excellence and demonstrates your commitment to providing quality healthcare. Find out more about the benefits of certification.


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