Eligibility Requirements – Proof of Additional Training

Proof of Additional Training for Candidates Who Have Not Passed After Three Attempts

Candidates who have been unsuccessful in passing the CBCCT exam after 3 attempts are required to repeat CCT Level 2 training​ and to provide documentation of 20 hours of Category 1 CME in general CT or cardiac CT in particular, or of recompleting the requirements for CCT training according to the ACR Cardiac CT Guidelines. (See ACR Practice Guideline for the Performance and Interpretation of Cardiac CT and the ACR Practice Guideline for Performing and Interpreting Diagnostic CT

The Level 2 training and CME must have been completed within 18 months of application for the CBCCT exam. All documentation must be included with the application.

Documentation to Verify Additional Training
To document the completion of Level 2 training, one or more of the following documents may be submitted:

  • One or more certificate(s) from a Level 2 (or 3) training course
  • A letter from a supervisor or Program Director, who must be Level 2 (or 3) or ACR qualified, attesting that the applicant has completed CCT training. Cardiovascular CT Training Verification Letter Template​​
  • A letter from the Society of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography (SCCT) Verification of Cardiovascular CT Training.

At a minimum, the documentation must include the applicant’s training completion date, the number and type of cases and the manner in which the cases were acquired or performed.

To document completion of CME hours, applicants must submit the certificate of completion or transcript of courses completed. At a minimum, the documentation must include the course or session title(s), the number of hours completed and the date(s) of each course or session.