Vision & Mission

APCA Overview

APCA is here to exclusively to meet the certification needs of physicians and advanced care providers around the world in the rapidly expanding field of medical imaging and other healthcare specialties. With over 18,000 physicians and advanced care providers having received certifications, APCA is dedicated to enabling its constituents to secure certification in various types of medical imaging and other healthcare specialties, offering outstanding customer care and simple maintenance of existing credentials.

Additionally, the APCA Council will identify new areas of practice, which would benefit from assessment programs. Exploration of several new certifications is already underway and as part of APCA, you will have the opportunity to volunteer your time and ideas to drive medical imaging, and other healthcare specialties, excellence forward.

APCA Vision

APCA creates global standards of physician excellence in patient care.

APCA Mission

APCA recognizes physicians’ enduring commitment to the highest quality patient care through rigorous assessments and continual learning.