An Identification (ID) card validates your Active certification status with us. You will receive an ID card each time you:

  • Earn an APCA or ARDMS certification
  • Earn additional specialty or certification
  • Pay your annual renewal fee

Please note: If you hold both APCA and ARDMS certifications, you will receive two ID cards. An APCA ID card will be issued for physician RPVI and RMSK certifications. An ARDMS ID card will be issued for sonographer-level RDMS, RDCS, RMSKS and RVT certifications.

Note:  If you earn your first certification during December 1 to December 31, you are a New Certificant, and must renew by February 28/29 to receive your APCA ID card and maintain Active status.

Lost or misplaced your card?​

Please contact the APCA Customer Care Team at (800) 943-1709 between 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. ET​ or email to request a replacement card.