​​​CBCCT is now part of APCA. Visit​ for all information pertaining to the CBCCT Recertification Examination. 

The ARDMS and APCA recertification programs for the RDMS, RDCS, RVT, RMSKS, RPVI and RMSK credentials have been put on hold until further notice*.  At this time, the recertification requirements to complete a self-evaluation survey and proficiency assessments have been paused and are not required.  The maintenance of certification components that include the CME attainment/audit, annual attestation of good standing and renewal fee are still required to uphold the RDMS, RDCS, RVT, RMSKS, RPVI and RMSK credentials.​

The initial discussions and planning for the recertification program began in 2002. Since that time, the program has gone through several iterations and garnered extensive feedback from the sonographer and physician communities.  The volunteer peer-leaders of ARDMS and APCA have determined that the current recertification program design, and even the term “recertification,” does not adequately meet the needs and expectations of our Registrants and Certificants and therefore the program has been put on hold until further notice.  We are committed to taking the time to further study best practices and develop a program that revalidates current-day knowledge and proficiencies and that sustains the value of the credentials and our shared commitment to quality care and patient safety.

Our promise is to keep our community well informed as the volunteer-led task force, governance Councils and Board of Directors investigate new program models that will endure as ARDMS and APCA continue to grow and evolve.

*The current recertification requirements to maintain the CBNC and CBCCT certifications will remain in place while alternative options are explored.