Each year when you pay your annual renewal fee, you are attesting that you are compliant with all APCA rules and compliance policies and are in good standing with APCA.

By paying the annual renewal fee, he/she attests that they:

(a) Shall accrue the required number of ARDMS and APCA-accepted credit hours by the end of the appropriate three-year CME period. I further acknowledge that if I do not accrue the required CMEs, I must follow the CME Audit Reinstatement process to maintain active certification status.

(b) Are compliant with the compliance policies applicable to the APCA physician and ARDMS sonographer-level certifications that they hold. The Compliance Policies outline violation standards that provide grounds for investigation and possible sanctions and include the following:

  • Engaged in fraud in connection with obtaining or renewing certification;
  • Engaged in misrepresentation of one’s certification status;
  • Been the subject of disciplinary action by a state licensing board/national professional association/accrediting body;
  • Been convicted of a crime or had a finding of guilty entered against them, granted probation before judgement, etc.;
  • Engaged in clinical duties while impaired due to chemical, drug or alcohol abuse;
  • Cheated or assisted others in cheating during the assessment process;
  • Failure to cooperate with the ARDMS investigation of any of the above violations.

 * Notice regarding previously unreported violations of the APCA Compliance Policies: If you have a previously unreported violation of the APCA Compliance Policies to report, you must report the violation to the APCA Compliance Department during your annual renewal process through your MY APCA Portal. After reporting the violation, you may continue with the renewal process however review of the violation matter you have reported will continue separately in accordance with the APCA Compliance Policies. If you have any questions, email