Status Verification

Employers and others inquiring about accurate, current APCA and ARDMS certification status should confirm that all ​​​documents and information presented by physicians, sonographers and/or vascular technologists are accurate to secure or maintain employment or to verify certification status.

POCUS Digital Badging Verification​​ – Verify digital badges for APCA POCUS Program Certificates and Certification​

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APCA Directory of Certificants – Verify Certifications of Active Certificants.

APCA Directory of Retired Certificants – Lists those who voluntarily retired their certifications.

ABVM Diplomate Directory – Verify Certifications of Active Diplomates.

​Sanction List​​​​​​​​ ​– View a list of persons who have been determined to have violated Compliance Policies for APCA and its companion council ARDMS and are under sanction.

Persons No Longer Certified – View a list of persons who are no longer registered due to non-compliance with APCA rules pertaining Maintenance of Certification requirements.

Status Verification Letter – Obtain a letter of your status verification by logging on to MY APCA.

APCA Identification (ID) Cards – View information about APCA ID cards.