Reinstatement (CME Audit)

What happens if you fail the CME Audit? You are eligible for CME Reinstatement if you submit documentation and pay the $150 CME Audit reinstatement fee by August 1 of the current year. Otherwise, your certification(s) will be permanently revoked and:

  • You will no longer be a Certificant of APCA;
  • You cannot represent yourself as an APCA Certificant with regard to APCA or ARDMS certifications, including any misstatement of fact about being APCA-certified or ARDMS-certified in any specialty, to current or future employers or others;
  • You will no longer be included in any listing of Directory of APCA Certificants;
  • You can no longer display your APCA/ARDMS certification certificate(s); and
  • You will not receive any of the standard APCA privileges and benefits.

Please note:  As part of CME Reinstatement you must send copies of 40 APCA-accepted CMEs if your original requirement was 30 CMEs or 80 APCA-accepted CMEs if your original requirement was 60 CMEs. The CMEs must be earned within your three-year CME period and by the August 1 deadline. View to make sure you have the correct type of CMEs for your certifications.

  1. Submit copies of the required number of CMEs earned within your  three-year CME period and by the August 1 deadline. You must send 40 APCA-accepted CMEs if your original requirement was 30 CMEs or 80 APCA-accepted CMEs if your original requirement was 60 CMEs. CME documentation (certificates) must include the following information.
    • Your full name (handwritten entries are acceptable)
    • Your APCA certification number (handwritten entries are acceptable)
    • Pre-printed date(s) of courses or activities (handwritten entries will be denied)
    • Pre-printed names of APCA-approved provider organization(s) (e.g., General Hospital and Medical Center) and APCA-approved sponsoring organization(s) (e.g., AMA cat.1, ASRT cat. A and A+, ASUM, CMECmte–CMA, CSDMS, CSVS, SDMS, SVU; list is subject to change; view CME Providers​ (handwritten entries will be denied).
    • Pre-printed title of courses or activities (handwritten entries will be denied)
    • Number of credit hours awarded (handwritten entries are acceptable)

    Reminder: Please send copies — do not send the original certificates,
    and keep copies of all CME documentation for your personal file.

  2. Pay the $150 USD CME audit reinstatement fee by enclosing your check or money order made payable to Inteleos or log in to your MY APCA account and pay with a credit card. Please write your APCA certification number on the check/money order.​
  3. Mail your complete CME audit documentation and payment in the  same envelope to:
    ATTN: CME Audit Reinstatement
    1401 Rockville Pike, Suite 600
    Rockville, MD 20852-1402 USA

Affix the proper postage so your documentation and payment are received by the August 1 deadline. If you send your documentation using certified mail, you will receive a delivery receipt.

Reinstatement documentation received after the August 1 deadline will be automatically denied. APCA will notify you by means of postal mail regarding the determination of your reinstatement. Reinstatement determinations will not be released by means of phone, fax or email.

If you are notified of audit failure and believe an error occurred in APCA’s recording of your CMEs, please notify us in writing including proof of your claim. You must submit the letter and documentation within 10 business days of receipt of official audit failure notification to:

Attn: Audit Appeals
1401 Rockville Pike, Suite 600
Rockville, MD 20852-1402, USA​