Scope of Practice

APCA strongly encourages all prospective and current sonographers to understand their scope of practice.

As a certifying organization, APCA does not determine the scope of practice for sonographers. APCA credentials are considered voluntary and not a mandatory license required to practice. Accordingly, APCA cannot set rules or guidelines for what tests and procedures are permitted to be performed in the workplace (example: signing, placing, and entering surgical pathology orders for patients). It is up to the employer as to what types of procedures they allow their employees to perform. Employers make such decisions based on various factors (facility accreditation standards, insurance reimbursement requirements, applicable state laws, etc.).

Click on the links below to view the ultrasound scope of practice/performance practice guidelines maintained by the following professional societies or regulatory bodies:

The APCA Compliance Policies set forth the grounds under which Applicants, Candidates, and Registrants may be subject to compliance action, resulting in sanctions impacting their eligibility for certification or their active certification status.

APCA Applicants, Candidates, and Registrants acting outside of their scope of practice and demonstrating a careless or willful disregard for a patient’s health, welfare, or safety are subject to compliance action under Standard 1.9 of the APCA Compliance Policies.

To view the APCA Compliance Policies, please visit the APCA Compliance Policies.