Write APCA Examination Questions

This volunteer opportunity is flexible and self-paced, an easy way to start your volunteer journey.

Have you ever wondered who wrote the questions (we call them items) for the examination you took to earn your APCA credential? For more than 40 years, subject matter experts just like you have volunteered to write and review all the questions on all of our examinations.

Whether you are a long-time Certificant or just recently earned your first credential, you can write items for APCA examinations. We invite you to learn more about the time commitment and core responsibilities of becoming an item writer by reading the information below.

Time Commitment For Item Writers

Writing items is a flexible opportunity and the time commitment varies. Item Writers:

  • Take approximately 30 minutes/per item
  • Are encouraged to write at least 10 items
  • Are free to work at their own pace

Core Responsibilities For Item Writers

  • Be an APCA Certificant in good standing
  • Passed the specialty examination for which you are writing, unless it is a new examination
  • Sign the Volunteer Statement of Service
  • Complete online training for Item Writers
  • Have access to a computer with an excellent internet connection
  • Provide reference citations (e.g., textbooks) for all items

Sign Into MY APCA To Volunteer
APCA strives to produce a pool of credentialed individuals that will develop high-standard examinations for the next generation of sonographers. Our mission is to provide access to the best patient care for everyone and it starts with industry leaders like YOU! Sign-up to volunteer today! For more information or questions, please reach out to the Volunteer Engagement Team at volunteer@inteleos.org.

Have at least 5 years of experience in your specialty area and want to demonstrate your knowledge? Learn more about how you can support development of our Maintenance of Certification (MOC) program.