Global CHIVA Education, Training, and Certification Program

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This program will include education and training as well as a certification through our APCA Council.

CHIVA is the French acronym for “Cure conservatrice et Hemodynamique de l’Insuffisance Veineuse en Ambulatoire” (Conservative and Hemodynamic treatment of Venous Insufficiency in outpatients). CHIVA was first described by Claude Franceschi in 1988 and is an alternative to common procedures for varicose veins. The aim of the technique is to lower transmural pressure in the superficial venous system and avoid destruction of veins while decreasing pain, cost, and nerve damage.

Words of appreciation from Dr. Claude Franceschi:

In coordination with Dr. Smile Medical Group, based in Shanghai, China, Inteleos will be creating a full Global CHIVA Standards Program.

Shanghai Dr. Smile Medical Group is a leading medical organization focusing on vascular clinical practices and venous disease diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Smile Medical Group owns health service institutions, medical education platforms, medical technology, and medical devices R&D centers.

The CHIVA examination covers the following content areas. All percentages are an approximate distribution of the questions across the content areas.

CHIVA Content Outline ​(Please click on “CHIVA Content Outline” for the detailed Content Outline in PDF-Printable format).

Intake (14%)
Pre-Operative Haemodynamic Mapping (38%)
During the Procedure (16%)
After the Procedure (12%)
Follow Up Visits (20%)

Please note: All percentages are approximate.

Your score report will display and include performance feedback for these content areas.

Periodically, APCA conducts a CHIVA Practice Analysis and updates the CHIVA examination to reflect the frequency and importance of CHIVA tasks being performed by physicians.

View the 2022 CHIVA Practice Analysis Results.

The Global CHIVA Advisory Panel consists of CHIVA subject matter experts from around the world who have contributed their expertise to support the development of the CHIVA global certification program. The panel is used as a sounding board and members may be asked to make recommendations or to provide important insights related to the CHIVA practice.

Name Country
Dr. Maria Caminati Italy
Dr. Massimo Cappelli Italy
Dr. Roberto Cuaranta Spain
Dr. Michel Dadon France
Dr. Jianping Deng China
Dr. Luca De Siena Italy
Dr. Roberto Delfrate Italy
Dr. Xin Du China
Dr. Stefano Ermini Italy
Dr. José María Escribano Spain
Dr. Felipe Puricelli Faccini Brazil
Dr. Davide Foresti Italy
Dr. Guglielmo Fornasari Italy
Dr. Claude Franceschi France
Dr. Gelfrido Galizi Italy
Dr. Sergyi Kryzhanovskyi Ukraine
Dr. Andres Jorge Kupelian Argentina
Dr. Thanh-Phong Le Vietnam
Dr. Erika Mendoza Germany
Dr. Domenico Migaldi Italy
Dr. Fausto Passariello Italy
​Dr. Mauro Pinelli Italy
Dr. Juha Pitkaenen Finland
Dr. Manuel Eugenio Senín Fernández Spain
Dr. Qiang Zhang China
Dr. Xiaoyin Zhu China

(If you are a member and would like your name removed from this list, please contact

Are you an expert in CHIVA who would like to become part of the Advisory Panel? Contact us at

Learn more about the CHIVA approach to treating varicose veins directly from Dr. Smile.

Dr. Smile Vein Centers in China: Making Chiva Strategies with POCUS for the Treatment of Varicose Veins

This presentation by Dr. Smile, of the Dr. Smile Medical Group in China, gives an overview of how he has applied CHIVA technology to treat lower extremity varicose veins. A key part of this is the use of ultrasound hemodynamic assessments to develop treatment plans. This approach reduces venous pressure by recorrecting reflux and preserving an intact venous network.

The veins in the lower extremities are examined by the doctor using an ultrasound device in office. The inspection contents include whether the deep and superficial veins are patency, whether there is valvular regurgitation and the location of the escaping points and re-entry points.

Patients with varicose veins undergo outpatient treatment under local anesthesia. Dr. Smile Medical Group has established venous disease centers in 13 cities in China with the same standards and procedures, providing for safer and more efficient minimally invasive treatment for thousands of varicose vein patients every year.