APCA sends Certificants many communications through multiple channels (e.g., email, postal mail, MY APCA) to remind them of the need to renew their certification(s) by the renewal deadline, and to reinstate if the renewal deadline was not met.

If you still have not reinstated by the final reinstatement deadline of August 1, 2024, your certification(s) are permanently revoked, resulting in your need to retake all necessary APCA and/or ARDMS examinations and pay all applicable fees to regain an Active status.

Revocation means that:

  • You will no longer hold an Active Certificant Status;
  • You cannot represent yourself as a Certificant with regards to APCA or ARDMS certification, including any misstatement about being APCA or ARDMS certified in any specialty to current or future employers or others;
  • You will no longer be included in any listing of Directory of APCA Certificants, and your name will be listed as “no longer certified” on the APCA website;
  • You can no longer display your APCA and/or ARDMS certification certificate(s); and you will not receive any of the standard APCA privileges and benefits; and
  • You will not have access to the CME Bank.

If you have questions, contact the Customer Care Team during normal business hours​:


Phone: 240-386-1738

Toll-free: (800)-943-1709