“As a person, certification shows that I care about learning. As a physician, it says that I care about my craft and want to be up-to-date with current medical standa​​rds.”
-​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Dr. DA – Vascular Surgeon (US)

“Certification is important. There is a need to obtain higher level of knowledge by making a ​summary on theories again.”
-Dr. JH – Vascular Surgeon (SK) 

“Certification is proof of mastery of an imaging modality. It provides a proof of baseline understanding of ultrasound or modality. Certification provides validation about this baseline knowledge. The one certification that means the most is echocardiography for cardiovascular disease. It states my understanding of cardiac disease, both anatomically and physiologically. I pursued it because it makes you really understand cardiology, and the super power is to really understand patients’ physiology and hemodynamics. If it was taken away, I would feel not as validated during interpretation.”
-Dr. SA – Cardiologist (US) 

“To me, a certification is a symbol of your commitment to learning and proof that you are up to the challenge in that field.”
-Dr. JP – Emergency Medicine (US) 

“Certification is extremely important. Certification is absolutely required for continuous education as certification helps to be equipped with the knowledge necessary for treating patients since medical knowledge quickly changes.”
-Dr. EM – GI (SK) 

“As a physician, certification ensures better prosperity and more opportunities to serve. Certification is a merit to the skill. It gives confidence to the patients, and in the medical field, this is essential. Without my certifications, I don’t believe I could survive in the field.”
-Dr. VS – OBGYN (India) 

“A certification is a tool that allows your knowledge, as a doctor, to be measured against international protocols and technology management. What it says about me is that I’m interested in staying updated and receiving constant education. As a doctor, it shows the medical world that I have the knowledge to practice my profession in a safe way. Certification gives me the opportunity to expand my practice outside my home country. In addition, certification enables me to be recognized as a qualified individual as I have met the standards set by the certifying organization(s). Furthermore, it represents my commitment to continual learning and training. If my certifications were taken away I would feel stagnant in my learning process and I am confident my colleagues would feel the same.​”
-Dr. YB – OBGYN (Latin America)