Eligibility Requirements – Medical Licensure

Applicants must, at the time of application, hold a current and unrestricted license to practice medicine in the U.S. or their country of residence.

Testamur – Applicants with a training medical license may apply to sit for the examination in a Testamur status provided that at the time of application you are in your Cardiology, Nuclear Medicine or Radiology training or Advanced Imaging training.

Upon successfully passing the CBCCT examination, you will have “Testamur” status until documentation of a current, unconditional, unrestricted medical license in your specialty is received by CBCCT. Diplomate status will be granted only when all requirements have been met. Applicants who pass the CBCCT examination under Testamur status have six (6) years from the date of passing the examination to document all requirements. Regardless of when a Testamur becomes a Diplomate, CBCCT certification will expire 10 years from the date of passing the examination.

Documentation to Verify Medical Licensure
Applicants may use any of the following to document their medical license:

  • a photocopy of your medical license wallet card;
  • a photocopy of your wall-mounted license; or
  • a printout from your state medical board website.

At a minimum, the documentation must include the applicant’s name, issuing state/country, status (e.g., unrestricted; training, etc.) and expiration date (if issued in the U.S.).

Testamur – Applicants with a training medical license must provide a copy of their training medical license in addition to a letter on institutional letterhead from their Program Director stating the duration of training in the program and confirmation the individual is a Testamur in good standing.