The American Board of Vascular Medicine Joins APCA

June 2020

To Members of the Vascular Medicine Community,

We are pleased to announce that the American Board of Vascular Medicine (ABVM) is now part of the Alliance for Physician Certification & Advancement (APCA). This new partnership provides the opportunity for a strong and far-reaching impact on setting the global standards of patient care and recognizing expertise in the field of vascular medicine. We expect the certification assessments to have their first administration under APCA in 2021. Please check back here for updates about the ABVM recertification examinations, as the APCA Council is currently working on the details for those programs.

Physicians certified by ABVM can be assured that certification programs will remain consistent while we work to merge ABVM with APCA.

All records, including contact information, are in the process of being integrated with APCA systems. We will keep the ABVM website and this APCA page updated with the latest information until all information is fully moved to by the end of 2020. As we are in the process of transitioning ABVM to APCA we don’t have specific program details to provide to you just yet, however we expect to have program details available before the end of 2020 so please check back then for additional information.

Here is an updated contact reference list:

The mission of APCA is to recognize physicians’ enduring commitment to the highest quality patient care through rigorous assessments and continual learning. APCA is a Council of Inteleos, an umbrella organization that also oversees the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS). Please visit our website,, to learn more.

We anticipate a positive and productive partnership ahead. We thank you for your commitment to ensuring that standards of vascular medicine remain high, and we welcome your involvement as we join ABVM and APCA together.

Best Regards,

The Alliance for Physician Certification & Advancement (APCA)


Read APCA’s press release announcing our acquisition of ABVM here.