Feedback From The Field: RMSK Survey Results

We recently rolled out a survey to all APCA physicians as a platform to hear from constituents on what they value most about the APCA community and learn more about their needs. Our strategy was to gather information to develop and evolve APCA’s offerings to better serve the global physician (and advanced-care provider) community. The feedback we received was insightful, and we have since turned that into several actionable items – including the recent Registered in Musculoskeletal® (RMSK®) sonography certification survey.

What follows are several key take-aways that provide a deeper-dive into some of your colleagues’ current perspectives on Musculoskeletal sonography certification.

Why Pursue Certification?

Nearly half of respondents felt that holding RMSK certification was a verification of their skills and knowledge. Improving patient safety and career advancement followed closely as additional benefits. These numbers held steady post certification as well – meaning the perceived value matched up with the actualized benefits.

Raising Standards

Nine out of 10 RMSK Certificants feel that the certification’s accreditation by the American Standards Institute (ANSI) increases the likelihood of someone earning certification. The RMSK certification was awarded accreditation by ANSI under the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 17024 Standard for certifying bodies in 2019.

Referrals Reign

Most respondents learned about RMSK certification from a colleague and conferences. APCA continues to refine our presence at events and welcome suggestions for other meetings to attend that enable networking and education opportunities for advanced care providers.

Building our community

We rely on our respondents’ eyes and ears. There are affinity groups and organizations throughout the musculoskeletal sonography world doing some tremendous work. APCA is well-positioned to facilitate and engage others to further advance our collective community in the ongoing effort to provide exceptional patient care through rigorous assessments and providing a place for shared community. Let us know what RMSK organizations you value for important education and practice resources.