APCA Admission Compliance

Test Center Admission

APCA and its test vendor, Pearson VUE, reserve the right to refuse admission to candidates who cannot present the proper identification, verify their eligibility to test, or candidates that arrive after the examination has already begun. If candidates are refused admission or fail to appear at a test center, the candidates will not receive a refund of the examination fee or processing fee, nor will they receive credit towards fees for future examinations.

Remember: You MUST arrive and register at least 30 minutes before the examination begins.

Examination Security
APCA, and ARDMS sonographer-level examinations, are available only to candidates who are seeking an APCA or ARDMS certifications in good faith and not to any other individual for any other purpose. The proctor at any APCA-assigned test center is required to maintain a secure and proper examination administration. A proctor will seat all candidates prior to an examination and may relocate them before or during an examination at their sole discretion.

All examination materials are the sole property of Inteleos, the umbrella governance and management organization for APCA. The materials are not available for review by candidates before or after the examination. Candidates are not permitted to enter with or remove any examination-related materials from the testing room, or reproduce any examination materials in whole or in part. The sharing or reporting of examination content, orally or in writing, is prohibited with anyone, including other examination candidates, program directors and course instructors. The reproduction of any Inteleos copyrighted material, in whole or in part, is a Federal offense and may subject an individual to the sanctions under Compliance Policies. The decision to release a candidate’s score(s) rests solely and exclusively with APCA, and that decision is final.

Deceptive or Unauthorized Behavior, Activity or Misconduct
​APCA does not condone any form of deceptive or unauthorized examination behavior, activity or misconduct at any time during an examination. Deceptive or unauthorized behavior, activity or misconduct during an examination includes, but is not limited to, copying or recording examination questions or answers, disrupting the examination, sharing examination content information, using notes, or otherwise giving or receiving any unauthorized information or assistance.

If any form of deceptive or unauthorized behavior, activity or misconduct is observed and subsequently documented by an authorized examination administrator (examination proctor and/or computer-based test-center administrator), or proven through statistical analysis of answer sheets and review of examination materials, APCA may invalidate, withhold and/or revoke the examination scores or bar the candidate for a specific time period or permanently from all future APCA or ARDMS examinations. The APCA decision on any such matter is final.