Training Requirements for ABVM Vascular Examination

Meet the training requirements for vascular medicine with 1 of the following 2 options (see below)

Fellowship Pathway:

Vascular medicine fellowship of at least 12 months duration that meets the requirements in Vascular Medicine. 2021.

RULE: Physicians enrolled in a 3-year vascular medicine fellowship are required to complete at least 1 year of training before applying for the general vascular medicine examination. In these cases, the fellowship certificate is not required.


Cardiology fellowship in an accredited program that includes formal vascular medicine training (COCATS 4, level III) Vascular Medicine 2021.


Copy of the fellowship certificate. (Not required for individuals following the vascular medicine fellowship RULE as noted in the Specifications section.)


Practice Training Pathway


Letter of documentation of program completion (level III) from the program director.